Joy or Jerk

The other morning, I was in a hurry. Wanted to take my lunch, but didn’t have enough time. For clarity, “making it” means – grab a container of left-overs, scoop out a spoonful into another container, grab a yogurt, maybe some veggies, throw into a “lunch bag” (aka, plastic grocery bag) and wha-la! I just made lunch!

In my rush, I evidently was somewhat vocal about it. At least enough so, my daughter asked if I wanted her to make lunch for me. Honored, and hungry, I said “SURE!”.


Flash forward to lunchtime. As I opened my lunch bag, I found the nice lunch my daughter made along with something…extra.

A simple note with seven words and one symbol.

“Enjoy! Love you – see you on Sunday” – Ash + the heart symbol.

Trust me when I say, the note was better than the food and the food was really good! My daughter took just a few minutes, or less, to write that note to me! For me!

Here’s the thing, if she had only made my lunch, that would have been okay. She offered. I accepted. That’s what I expected and would have been okay with whatever she packed. But she decided to do one more thing.

One extra little something.

Something unexpected.

Something that left an impact far beyond lunch.

She wrote a short, simple note.

I have a challenge and it’s this:

Take the time to be a joy not a jerk.

You don’t have to do a lot. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. But choosing to be a joy and not a jerk could have an amazing, possibly eternal, impact on someone.

Don’t wait.

Start today.

Joy or jerk.

Challenge is on.

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