Try Doing What You Think You Can’t

I know a few entrepreneurs and from what I understand they have a very high comfort level with taking risks.

I don’t think they are thrill-seekers, well, maybe some are, but they are willing to take chances, BIG chances, many times with huge risks, for something they truly believe in.

I love watching Shark Tank (ABC). I love the concept of someone pitching an idea to a group of very successful entrepreneurs hoping, in turn, the entrepreneurs will invest their money in the idea.

No guarantees.

Big risks.

Sometimes the sharks pass, but many times they believe in the idea so much, they go all in with their money and their time.

That’s why I love this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt

“Do the thing you think you cannot do.”

It’s really, really easy to play it safe.

Take no chances.

Don’t risk anything.

But that stops progress and creates a type of paralysis that keeps you from doing or simply trying.

What if you applied Eleanor’s idea to those things you think you cannot do?

You might fail.

You might succeed.

It may be big.

It may be small.

But that “thing” may be the one thing you need to try to prove to yourself – not others, YOU – that you can at least try. And trying something is better than trying nothing. 







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