The Power of the 5 Be’s

As a child, you were probably asked what you wanted to “be” when you grew up. For the Christian, there’s a different standard for the “Be’s” we need to be.

Be agreeable, be sympathetic, be loving, be compassionate, be humble.

1 Peter 3:8

Just imagine how different life would be if we adopted these 5 “Be’s”.

Be Agreeable.

Be Sympathetic.

Be Loving.

Be Compassionate.

Be Humble.

Think about it. Who wouldn’t want to be the recipient of these? If we desire for others to sympathize with us, love us and be compassionate toward us, then why not return the favor?

Each of these takes effort on our part. Remember Peter is writing this to you about you not about how someone else should be toward you. You can’t control the other person. But you can control you. You can decide to work at the 5 “Be’s” for the sake of the other person and for the glory of God. The CEV version makes it clear in the next verse that you are chosen and will be blessed by God. We’re chosen to be children of light and doers of good. We are blessed when we live up to our calling.

What would it look like if, say, today, you chose to live these 5″Be’s”. Seriously what’s the worst that could happen?



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