4 Ways to Find Unthinkable Peace

Worry can be a powerful, mind-draining, heart-hurting emotion.

But there is a way, actually four ways, to find a personal peace that is so deep, it defies understanding.

If you read Philippians 4, Paul lays out the four ways, the keys, to personal peace.


There you go.

  1. Don’t worry about anything.
  2. Pray about everything.
  3. Tell God what you need.
  4. Thank Him for everything HE has done.

And, for any Jesus-follower, there is a clear result wrapped in a promise in the next verse.


The results.

  1. God will bless you with peace.
  2. This peace will guide the way you think and feel.

This is the part that God leaves up to us. Believing in Him (trust).

“Anything”. Let go of anything we might normally worry about.

“Everything.” Know that, as a Christian, God hears you and wants you to talk to Him. Do that through prayer. And pray for absolutely everything. Some will say “well, I don’t think God really cares about _____.” I say, leave that for God to decide.

“Need”. Remember the difference between need and want. I may want a lot of things, even things that seem “spiritual” in nature, but God wants us to go deep and talk about what we really need. Of course, He knows, but verbalizing it, is a powerful way to get it out there and be brutally honest with ourselves.

“Thanks”. Gratitude is a powerful force. Letting someone know how grateful you are about something, anything, is good for you and them. It’s a recipe for a healthy heart. God is no different. He listens. He provides. Before He does anything, tell Him how thankful you are for what He has and will do.

And the result is this – God will deliver. What he delivers is peace. And not just any peace. A peace that, as the CEV (Contemporary English Version) says “no one can completely understand”.

It’s a peace that is so overwhelming, it’s even beyond words. And this peace comes with an extra added, no charge to you, benefit, this peace will “guard your hearts and minds” (NLT: New Living Translation) or “control the way you think and feel” (CEV). All because you are part of Christ.

Four ways to find REAL personal peace.

The steps are there.

The promise is waiting.

It’s just up to you and me to take hold of it and let go.


| kevin

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