Telling God He’s Breaking the Rules

Imagine telling God that He’s breaking the rules!

In this video, we look at a story from John 5:1-18 when Jesus healed a man but yet was accused of breaking the rules. Actually, his own rules since Jesus is God.

There’s a lesson in here for all of us especially when we try and convince God that He’s breaking the rules, well not His rules, but ours.

I invite you to read John 5:1-18 on your own and see what you think and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Thanks for watching.

Embrace the masterpiece God created you to be!

| kevin


I shot this on a Canon g7x Mark II

With a JOBY GorillaPod

Edited on a Mac Mini using Final Cut Pro X.

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2 thoughts on “Telling God He’s Breaking the Rules

  1. So very true friend. Sadly, as much as I know He is God and I’m not, I find myself telling him rather than seeking and asking. Thanks for watchng and the comment!


  2. Kev, believe I may have told you this before, but the funniest words I’ve ever uttered in prayer are, after seeking His wisdom and feeling it envelope me, I said, “You are right,God!”
    Really?! That was tantamount to saying, “You are God, God!” To which He would have replied,”Yes. And you are John, John. Anything else?” (Our Creator has a great sense of humour if you’ve not already noticed! And I know YOU have.)
    We are not equals, though we are all His children! Ask for His wisdom and help (“I cannot walk and…”) and do not be surprised when He answers! And pray that we never – never overlook His loving miracles! It is easier than one might imagine.
    Romans 15:13

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