About Me

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Hey there. I’m Kevin and I’m glad you’re here.

Life is messy. We’re all a mess. Broken. Screwed up. In need of a Savoir. Thank GOD, He knew this, knew us before we were born. After all, God made us. Made each of us to be an original masterpiece. He made us new in Jesus. He gave us purpose. And He did all of this before we took our first breath.

I consider myself a Jesus freak and have been a Christian for years, but I’m still learning about this thing called grace and just how amazing God is.

I’m also a husband, dad, and a creative dude. God blessed me with an amazing wife and three incredible kids, including one with special needs. I love loud music, my truck and a strong cup of coffee. Oh and I think Batman is the bomb!

I’m not a bible scholar, even though I did graduate from a Christian University. My degree was in Speech Communication, which means I should be able to write a killer cover letter! I don’t know Greek or Hebrew. I do have a real love for God and what He’s done and continues to do with me. I trust. I question. I argue. I listen – not necessarily in that order.

My background is in radio and TV promotion and production. I love to create and consume media in all different forms. If you’d like to learn more about using your creative gifts with media, please check out my website KevinKolbe.com and consider subscribing to my (free!) YouTube channel too.

I would love to connect and hear your story and how I can help. Comment on any of the posts, send me an email or connect with me on any of the social media platforms I hang out on.

I encourage you to open your heart, get in the word and experience God and grace.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Created: Psalm 139:1-18 | Saves: John 3:16 | Purpose: Ephesians 2:10