How Should You Treat A Teenager?

I was asked a question recently on Quora about how you should treat a teenager. The actual question went like this: “Why do people encourage teens to be adults rather than encourage them to be children?” Continue reading “How Should You Treat A Teenager?”


Pardon My Mess

If you think life is complicated, just add some people to the mix!

Continue reading “Pardon My Mess”


The Kid Named Billy

His name was Billy.

Actually I don’t remember his name, but I remember him. He was around 8 years old and played on my T-Ball team – I was the coach. It was one of my many Summer jobs when I was in High School. Continue reading “The Kid Named Billy”



“Dad, I need to tell you something. Sometimes you’re not very nurturing.”

I still remember the moment my daughter, Ashland, said this.

I remember it hurt. Continue reading “Nurture”


Run the Race

My daughter…my incredibly creative, insightful daughter recently said:

“Run the race. Don’t let it run you.”

By the way, did I mention she’s 14! Continue reading “Run the Race”