God is the God of Do-Overs

Have you ever done something and thought “I wish I could do that over?” If you’re like me, it happens far more than I want to admit. Like recently when I hurt my back. Now before you start the pity party for me, let me explain how I hurt my back. Trust me, you won’t feel much pity when you know. Continue reading “God is the God of Do-Overs”


Planning Evil or Good

You stand at the fork in the road. Maybe not a real road, or even a real fork, but at some point in your life you will have the choice of evil or good.  Continue reading “Planning Evil or Good”

Sick and Tired of Grace

“I’m sick and tired of hearing about grace.”

Someone once said that to me many years ago. Actually It wasn’t just any someone but a believer someone. They weren’t joking. They weren’t being sarcastic. They were completely serious. They were tired of hearing about grace. Continue reading “Sick and Tired of Grace”