Leading With Your Ears

Stop for just one minute. Stop and listen. I’ve got something to say.  Let me say it another way, will you shut up and listen? Continue reading “Leading With Your Ears”


The Gift of Comfort

Life can be unpredictable for Christians and non-Christians alike. But if you’re in Christ, you experience something first-hand.

God-comfort. Continue reading “The Gift of Comfort”


Planning Evil or Good

You stand at the fork in the road. Maybe not a real road, or even a real fork, but at some point in your life you will have the choice of evil or good.  Continue reading “Planning Evil or Good”


Try Doing What You Think You Can’t

I know a few entrepreneurs and from what I understand they have a very high comfort level with taking risks. Continue reading “Try Doing What You Think You Can’t”


Hope’s Calling: What Child Is This?

Sharing an amazing performance by the group Hope’s Calling. Continue reading “Hope’s Calling: What Child Is This?”


Worry and Encouragment

Often we have no idea what someone else is going through. We may ask, or half-ask, “how you doing?” and get the answer, “Good. You?”

Continue reading “Worry and Encouragment”