Leading With Your Ears

Stop for just one minute. Stop and listen. I’ve got something to say.  Let me say it another way, will you shut up and listen? Continue reading “Leading With Your Ears”


The Gift of Comfort

Life can be unpredictable for Christians and non-Christians alike. But if you’re in Christ, you experience something first-hand.

God-comfort. Continue reading “The Gift of Comfort”


The 23rd Psalm

David wrote this to comfort himself. Amazing how thousands of years later, it still rings true.

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The Proof of Love

It is an amazing, almost overwhelming thought, about what God did. Continue reading “The Proof of Love”


Less Talk, More Action

Someone once said “Talk is cheap” which in reality it can be.

We see others in need and hurting and we do…what?

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Guard Your Heart

You can train your mind.

You can strengthen your body.

But your heart needs so much more. Continue reading “Guard Your Heart”