God is the God of Do-Overs

Have you ever done something and thought “I wish I could do that over?” If you’re like me, it happens far more than I want to admit. Like recently when I hurt my back. Now before you start the pity party for me, let me explain how I hurt my back. Trust me, you won’t feel much pity when you know. Continue reading “God is the God of Do-Overs”


The 23rd Psalm

David wrote this to comfort himself. Amazing how thousands of years later, it still rings true.

Continue reading “The 23rd Psalm”


You, God

The world will promise you a lot of things.

But only ONE can give you what you really need. Continue reading “You, God”


God’s Promise

When life beats you down. Pushes you back. When all seems lost. When nothing seems to go right. When you are at your absolute worst. When there is no light at the end of the tunnel. When you think “this is it, I’m done, NO MORE!” Continue reading “God’s Promise”


My Declaration

God is all I need.

He is all I need for a place to hide. A place to be safe. Continue reading “My Declaration”



A reminder of how great our God is. Continue reading “Always”